Nassau, Bahamas – Spreading health and love to its team members was the order of Valentine’s Day for Bahamas Waste on February 14 as the company held a “heart health” day where employees got free health checks and took part in a number of fun activities.

Employees were given the opportunity to get their blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose tested, free of charge as well as priceless diet and exercise advice from a certified personal trainer and nutritionist.

Bahamas Waste Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jasmine Davis said the company’s management team decided that this year there would be an event on each holiday, with the health fair being the first.

“So, we just decided let’s do a heart health day,” Davis said. “It’s know your numbers, get some healthy snacks, etc. We packed bags of fruits and other healthy snacks and then we also brought a nutritionist and a nurse to do the health screenings. After you get your health screening the nutritionist tells you your next steps and what you should be doing. He’s also a certified personal trainer so he’s there giving exercise tips and everything to just help you along your health and fitness journey.”

In addition to the health screening, employees were treated to great food, music and fun activities, including a 360 photobooth where they were able to capture the memories with their colleagues.

Ambrose Austin was doing electrical work in the area when he realized there were free health checks ongoing and said it was an opportunity he couldn’t miss.

“It surely helps me to save money,” Austin said, just after getting his free wellness check. “It’s an opportunity I would not pass up on. Because if I went to the doctor, I would have had to pay for all of this. They said I’m in good shape. It’s interesting that they did it on Valentine’s Day as well because I believe in love and love is the key. This is a way to show love.”

Bahamas Waste Receptionist Victoria Simmons has been with the company for 23 and said the health fair was a good initiative, especially for the company to show that its also interested in the wellbeing of its employees.

“It is enhancing for the staff,” Simmons said. “I got my health checked and I’m great. It is a really great thing the company did, especially for the staff to see how everyone’s doing health wise.”

Testing for blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol have proven useful in catching signs of potential noncommunicable diseases. A 2020 report by the World Health Organization revealed that 74 percent of deaths in The Bahamas were a result of noncommunicable diseases.

Davis said Bahamas Waste finds it of the utmost importance to support and encourage its staff to manage and monitor their health.