Bahamas Waste Steps up During Trash Collection Transition.

New Providence, Bahamas – If you’re a resident of New Providence then you’ve probably seen them: mounds of uncollected trash and overflowing trash bins far too often; which become the perfect targets for stray dogs and a breeding ground for rodents. While challenges...

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Annual Family Celebrations, Cement Wholesome Family Fun

New Providence, Bahamas – "Sharing the holiday with other people, and feeling that you’re giving of yourself, gets you past all the commercialism," said well-known former ambassador Caroline Kennedy. To mark their season of giving and togetherness, Bahamas Waste Ltd...

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Bahamas Waste Committed to Help Finding a Cure

New Providence, Bahamas – While advances in screening and treatment have dramatically improved survival rates, Breast Cancer remains one of the most common forms of the disease affecting both men and women in The Bahamas and around the world. In fact, according to...

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