Nassau, Bahamas – A decade-long initiative of goodwill and brotherly love by Bahamas Waste continued on Friday, December 1st, when the company made a large donation of food items and clothing to the All Saints Camp, just in time for the holiday season.

The All Saints Camp is home to 40 adults, many of whom are living with HIV, and about 30 children.

Ethelyn Davis, Operations Manager at Bahamas Waste, said the items were raised by Bahamas Waste employees who brought in the dry goods during Thanksgiving, which was then matched by the company.

“We felt that Thanksgiving time, basically harvest, as it used to be called, that we wanted to give back to the community that needed assistance,” Mrs. Davis said. “We just wanted to be of assistance to this group of underserved individuals.”

Food items, like tuna, sardines, grits, rice, flour, corn beef, tomato paste, vegetable soup, other dry goods as well as clothing were all a part of the donation.

As a part of their commitment to assist the All Saints Camp, Bahamas Waste provides year-round waste disposal to the community at no cost.

“So, we started by providing medical waste and regular trash collection services to them, free of charge,” Davis said. “Money was not a factor when we thought about what we would provide for that institution. We knew that it’s a community that more than anything else needs medical waste services and their waste needed to be handled in a proper manner. Hence, we decided that we’d give them year-round medical waste services. So, when their doctors or whoever came out to them, their waste product would be treated and handled just like any other medical institution.”

She continued, “Being a part of an organization like Bahamas Waste that sees the importance in giving back is a great feeling. That particular community in the All Saints Camp is often ostracized and because of that we felt we needed to support them more. They’re one of the charities that rarely gets supported. So, it’s a great feeling to help those in need.”

The donation was organized by Bahamas Waste Human Resources Manager Ernestine Seymour, who said she felt it even more important to make a bigger donation this holiday season.

“This year was heart-wrenching for me because we didn’t get to give back last year and based on what I’ve seen this community is often forgotten,” Seymour said. “Giving back for us to this community is something we’re thankful that we are able to do and I would love to see more companies in corporate Bahamas give back to them as well.”

Kashaala Forbes, All Saints Camp Administrative Assistant, was thankful for the donation, saying “This means so much to us. To see people, celebrating the holiday season but looking back and lending a helping hand consistently like Bahamas Waste, it warms my heart. We are truly grateful.”