Losing your luggage on vacation is the ultimate nightmare, but having it returned by your friendly neighborhood sanitation truck driver could only be described as a dream come true. 

After spending several days in paradise at the Atlantis Resort, John Kanwischer, a visitor from Pennsylvania was devastated to find that one of his bags did not make the return trip to the United States. While en route to the airport, the luggage containing Kanwischer’s personal belongings fell from a tour bus, but luckily a good Samaritan who works at Bahamas Waste was able to intervene. 

“I was actually headed to work, and I was near the prospect ridge area when I noticed the bag fall from the tour car” explained Shawn Adderley. Rather than ignoring the bag and leaving it on the side of the road, Adderley immediately pulled his truck over to retrieve it. “I didn’t really think about it. I just knew how I would feel if I lost my luggage on vacation, and I hated the idea that one of our visitors would have to possibly experience that.”

Adderley, a seven-year employee of Bahamas Waste, is known across the company for his cheerful disposition and his outstanding work ethic. “It was a really good experience to learn that your staff is so responsive to just about any situation that arises,” noted Bahamas Waste Operations Manager, Ethelyn Davis. “We pride ourselves on hiring team members who are not only hard-working but honest as well, and so we were thrilled when we saw Shawn, living up to that reputation.” 

With the bag secured, Bahamas Waste was able to make contact with the tour company, who then secured a connection to Kanwischer and his family.  The tour company organized the safe return of the bag to their client. 

“This lost bag is only one example of the honesty and goodwill of our employees. They have found wallets, passports, NIB Cards, you name it, and have always been sure to return them,” explained Bahamas Waste General Manager, Francisco de Cardenas. “This was one of those situations that could have gone very badly but I’m happy to say that Bahamas Waste had a hand in changing the course of the trip for one of our visitors.” 

Adderley’s good deed was further rewarded last week when Royal Atlantis Vice President and General Manager of Operations Gregg Skowronski, gifted Mr. Adderley with a weekend stay at the famed Atlantis resort property. “I didn’t go into it expecting to be rewarded,” said Shawn, “but it’s a great feeling to be recognized for doing the right thing.

Shawn and a guest of his choice will get to enjoy all the luxurious amenities and experiences the hotel has to offer. “We are so very proud of Shawn” de Cardenas beamed “and in this instance, we are also so grateful to the Atlantis resort for their generosity toward him as a member of our team.”