New Providence, The Bahamas – As the country’s leading waste management firm, Bahamas Waste Limited(BW) has consistently demonstrated its commitment to serving communities across the island of New Providence. From its efforts as a corporate sponsor to advancements in the use of biodiesel technology, the Bahamas Waste team has, for more than 20 years, offered innovative and reliable waste management services with a view to creating a cleaner and greener country.

Bahamas Waste has enlisted scores of talented, well trained, and dedicated employees who continue to excel within the company environment. Joining the company earlier in the year was Jasmine Davis recruited as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Davis, a newcomer to the waste management industry, joined Bahamas Waste Ltd. in January of 2020, assuming responsibility for the management of the company’s finances inclusive of financial reporting, financial risk assessment, budgeting, as well as providing support for the managing director and division managers to set and attain financial goals to maximize the company’s profitability.

“There are many moving parts that help create the Bahamas Waste brand as we know it,” Davis explains. “In the short time that I have been here, it has been both rewarding and challenging to use my skills to support those efforts.”

Another relative newcomer to the Waste team is Xavier Cartwright. “The last eight months at Bahamas Waste has been both challenging and rewarding,” explained Xavier Cartwright who oversees the company’s health and safety protocols. Cartwright joined the waste management company as the ground traffic controller. Over an eight-month period, he revolutionized the company’s ability to monitor the daily routes of all the company’s vehicles; implementing a state of the art GPS system which has streamlined elements of the operation and provided huge savings for the company as well.

In his new role, Cartwright is tasked with providing proper training and protocols for all company employees including the use of Personal Protective Equipment and the provision of first aid for those who may require it. “Both Jasmine and Xavier have only been with us a short time but already they’ve proven to be tremendous assets to the company,” said Bahamas Waste General Manager. Francisco de Cardenas, “we are extremely pleased to have them on board.”

In recent weeks, the health and safety of Bahamas Waste employees, the community, and the world at large has become even more critical as countries around the world now grapple with the global Coronavirus pandemic.  “In the fight against Covid-19, we know that maintaining a clean and sanitized environment is critical and so Xavier and his team have been at the forefront of our efforts to promote social distancing and proper hygiene while continuing to meet the waste disposal needs of the island,” noted BW Operations Manager Ethelyn Davis.

The company in addition to reducing its bin collection rates during this time has also unveiled numerous initiatives designed to provide the standard of service their customers are used to, including alternative booking and payment options, via email and phones and reducing on-site visits as well as producing a BW newsletter designed to keep customers up to date with the latest changes or news.