New Providence, Bahamas – Margaret Mede once said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world”. For members of the Voltar’s World Service Club, this mantra fully encompasses their work. Though small in size, they are committed to the execution of their island-wide cleanup campaign dubbed ‘Exterminate the Waste’. 
For the past two years, Voltar’s World, a service organization targeting inner-city communities, has worked with one mission in mind which is to shift the way the public views waste disposal. Since inception, they have been supported by leading waste management company, Bahamas Waste Limited (BWL), who provides Voltar’s World with 20ft dumpsters, dumpsters and other equipment needed to aid in the removal of debris. Bahamas Waste also collects and disposes of all the debris and trash for the group, at no cost. 
This year, the group’s members have targeted coastal and inner-city communities and most recently the group converged on the Yamacraw Shores area, where the cleanup efforts began along with assistance from area residents. “What we’ve found is that residents in the area are often keen to join in the cleanup work,” explained Voltar’s World Club President, Craig Lowe. “We couldn’t be more pleased with the feedback we get every time we visit a new area, once they see our team working, persons who live in those communities jump in to assist – which is what we want.”

In 2018, Voltar’s World has held cleanups in Golden Isles, Bain Town, Millar Heights, Lewis Street and now Yamacraw Shores. “Even with a small team of six, we were able to remove so many bags and bins of debris,” said President Lowe, who also revealed that there was still a significant amount of work to be done in Yamacraw. Voltar’s World members went back into that Eastern Community on December 8, thankfully with more support from Bahamas Waste, to complete the cleanup. “This time, we took reinforcements and joined forces with a service group from the Anatol Rogers High School to complete the work just in time for the holidays.” 
Project Exterminate the Waste, which is now a little over five months old, has brought together volunteers from all walks of life, all with a singular goal – to give back to the community. Persons interested in joining the Voltar’s World Club as a volunteer can do so by emailing or by visiting the club’s social media page at