New Providence, Bahamas – “Sharing the holiday with other people, and feeling that you’re giving of yourself, gets you past all the commercialism,” said well-known former ambassador Caroline Kennedy. To mark their season of giving and togetherness, Bahamas Waste Ltd (BW) Management and staff officially kicked off the holidays last Saturday, with an all-day fun in the sun. 
“All of us here at Bahamas Waste are a tight-knit family” explained Bahamas Waste, Managing Director Francisco De Cardenas. “Each year, we aim to show our staff how much we value and appreciate all of the hard work they put in all year round, as well as their families.”

The annual event, now in its third year, was the largest one hosted by the company with more than 60 employees and their families all participating. “This was the biggest and best turnout we’ve had,” gushed BW Human Resources Manager, and event organizer Ernestine Lloyd. “It really is a representation of how the relationship between management and staff at the company has grown,” she noted. “The entire executive team has always encouraged an open door policy with the staff, and that has really lent itself to a fruitful and family oriented environment.”

This year’s event saw the parking lot of the company’s home-base on Gladstone Road transformed into a funhouse environment complete with bouncing castles, face painting, and of course, live music as a treat which parents and children enjoyed together.

“During the festive season we know it can be difficult for parents to find wholesome, safe, and entertaining environments where they can enjoy time with their children,” said BW Operations Manager Ethelyn Davis. “So we create it here, it’s all at no cost to the staff, and get to spend quality time together.”

The staff fun day also provided staff and management with the unique opportunity to interact with one another in a less formal setting. “Events like this go a long way in making us as employees feel like management really cares about us,” said Crystal Forbes, BW Inventory Administrator. “There were so many activities on site for us to get involved with, there was lots of food and drinks, and the great weather made it a really wonderful environment to be in.”

Since opening its doors in 1987, Bahamas Waste Ltd. has carved out a reputation as the country’s premier waste management agency offering a variety of services, from portable restrooms, and medical waste disposal. Over the years, the company has continued to grow, seeking out the best and brightest to join its team. With a staff comprised of 150 persons, the company has also worked tirelessly to maintain its commitment to community development and good corporate citizenship. From using its wrapped trucks to raise awareness on issues from autism to breast cancer to the environment, as well as sponsoring major events like the upcoming Marathon Bahamas races, the company continues to lend its support to multiple programs and initiatives not just through the holidays but all year round