Mission ‘Exterminate the Waste’ was on full display last week as local service club Voltar’s World and its corporate sponsor Bahamas Waste tackled yet another community clean-up in New Providence.

As part of its commitment to community partnership and development, Bahamas Waste, continued to support this young group of hard working volunteers who want to clean up the inner-city communities on their island.

“For us, waste management is more than just a business” explained Operations Manager Ethelyn Davis. “We understand that cleaner communities are healthier communities and healthy communities are happy ones, its really about improving the quality of life for residents in these areas”.

Since its formation last year, Voltar’s World, a service organization targeting inner city communities, has worked with one mission in mind which is to shift the way the public views waste disposal. Their collaboration with waste management leaders, Bahamas Waste, has seen
them execute a series of community cleanups around the island to further their agenda of long lasting change.

“So far, we’ve taken our efforts into areas such as Golden Isle, Bains Town, Millar Height’s and now, into the Lewis Street community” said Voltar’s World President, Craig Lowe. “Our teams commitment to serving these communities is outdone only by the responses from area residents who have welcomed the help with open arms.”
Project Exterminate the Waste, which is now a little over five months old, has brought together volunteers from all walks of life, all with a singular goal – to give back to the community; and their mission is far from over as the group plans to continue their efforts to clean up often overlooked

Thanks to Bahamas Waste, Lewis Street was provided with several 20ft dumpsters which were filled to capacity and later properly disposed of. “Once we have finished our work on Lewis Street, we are looking forward to another partnered event on September 22 nd ” geared at getting people up and moving in their communities” said Lowe.

Persons interested in joining the Voltar’s World Club as a volunteer can do so by emailing voltarsworld242@gmail.com or by visiting the club’s social media page at https://www.facebook.com/voltarsworld242/. “We welcome any help,” said Lewis. “We need all hands on deck to make our island beautiful and for people in the community to feel proud of where they live.”