New Providence, Bahamas – It is often said that it is better to give than to receive. It’s a mantra that Bahamas Waste has adopted as part of its corporate citizenry, partnering with various community organizations including; Rotary International, All Saints Camp, Bahamas National Trust, The Bahamas Cancer Association, Bahamas Humane Society and most recently Voltar’s World Community Club on projects ranging from community clean-ups to youth development.

Voltar’s World, a service organization targeting inner-city communities, joined forces and honoured Bahamas Waste during a special presentation for its support of ‘Project: Exterminate the Waste’. The initiative which began last year with targeting coastal communities across New Providence has since moved inland and has been instrumental in removing hundreds of pounds of waste, debris, and trash from inner-city communities as well.

“The idea for our club started with a live stream show, and grew into a way for us to really help the community,” explained President and founder of Voltar’s World, Craig Lowe. “We wanted to break the status quo and start the conversations that would bring about change.”

Last week, the Bahamas Waste family was recognized for its role in assisting the Club and the communities which have benefited from their efforts. “The work we do is so vital to our country,” said President Lowe. “But the reality is we could not make our initiatives successful without the assistance of a partner like Bahamas Waste.”

The company has consistently provided collection bins, and protective gear to facilitate the club’s cleanup campaign along with financial support totalling over twenty-five hundred in cash and services.

“We are truly proud of the work this organization has been doing,” said Bahamas Waste Operations Manager, Ethelyn Davis. “It is both encouraging and refreshing to see a group of individuals take pride in their community and really take the steps themselves to keep our island clean.”

To show its appreciation, members of the Voltar’s World Club recently presented Bahamas Waste General Manager, Francisco De Cardenas and other members of the Bahamas Waste team with certificates of appreciation as well as an engraved plaque for their continued support.

“Making this presentation was important to our club because Franny and his team understand the importance of good corporate citizenry,” noted Lowe. “We are fortunate to have Bahamas Waste on our team, we come back to them again and again, and they continue to help us. We look forward to our continued collaboration.”

Voltar’s World was founded with the intention of addressing societal issues and is open to all individuals over the age of 18. Persons interested in becoming a part of the service organization can send their expression of interest to or follow the club’s activities via social media at