New Providence, Bahamas – The global HIV/AIDS epidemic has claimed the lives of a staggering 35 million people. Here in The Bahamas, the number of persons living with the disease is equally distressing; in fact, it is estimated that more than eight thousand cases of the illness have been found, placing The Bahamas ahead of all other countries outside of sub-
Saharan Africa.

The troubling data has been the impetus for heightened efforts on the part of healthcare professionals and advocacy groups alike to raise awareness about the disease and provide support to persons living with the illness.

Bahamas Waste has dedicated considerable resources to the fight against HIV/AIDS through an ongoing partnership with the All Saints Camp.

The All Saints Camp was founded back in 1989 in response to the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic. Since then, the home has continued to provide room, board, and treatment for up to 60 persons who may otherwise not be able to receive the care.

“We’ve developed an amazing relationship with the team at the All Saints Camp” explained Bahamas Waste Operations Manager, Ethelyn Davis.

“For the past 12 years, we’ve worked with All Saints to provide the items which they need to make the lives of their residents more comfortable.”

Each year, the staff at Bahamas Waste pulls together to make the donation possible providing food supplies, toiletries, and even clothing. With the holiday season now in full swing, the staff of Bahamas Waste returned to the All Saints Camp to present them with their annual donation of Christmas needs.

“This donation was truly a blessing and could not come at a better time. The holidays are all about gathering with those closest to you and sharing a meal and fellowship and so this donation will go a long way in ensuring that we are able to give our residents the Christmas they deserve” said Administrator Diane Ingraham. “As a non-profit organization, we depend heavily on the kindness of corporate citizens and everyday Bahamians to do the work we do.”

Persons interested in assisting the All Saints Camp can contact Diane and her team 477-1275. All contributions made are an integral part of the fight against the deadly disease helping to raise awareness and encourage more Bahamians to protect themselves and finally stop the spread