Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Waste has embarked on a new partnership with University of The Bahamas (UB) that takes the UB Mingoes athletics brand on the road, demonstrating its commitment to higher learning and UB.

A Bahamas Waste truck creatively features the UB brand, taking the message of the university to the community. The official unveiling was held on Tuesday 29th August at UB’s Oakes Field Campus and was a celebratory occasion that attracted students, faculty, staff, alumni and, of course, the Mingoes mascot.

UB President Dr Rodney D. Smith commended Mr Renbert Mortimer, an alumnus of the institution, for his instrumental role in bringing the idea to reality.

“This is a very exciting time for us. This is an opportunity for UB Mingoes to get out into the community in a big way. This is something that most big-name institutions do; you see buses driving around with the brand of the institution on them. We are deeply grateful to Bahamas Waste for partnering with us to make this happen,” said President Smith.

Over the years, Bahamas Waste has helped to promote the message of social and corporate responsibility by using its fleet of vehicles to reinforce important narratives. This collaboration with UB is the latest initiative.

Chief Financial Officer Mrs Disa Campbell was enthusiastic about the collaboration.

“We started this program with promoting various causes on our trucks about four years ago and we never imagined that the campaign would take off as it did. We have done trucks for Bahamas Humane Society, autism, Bahamas National Pride, Rotary of The Bahamas and the Bahamas National Trust. This is just another step, with much more to come,” she said.

“Truth and integrity have always been hallmarks of our core values at Bahamas Waste and we are now so pleased to be able to add knowledge as an additional value to excel too. We are proud to be on this journey with the University of The Bahamas. We are excited to see our truck on the road bearing the Mingoes symbol,” Mrs Campbell added.

Mingoes is the athletics brand for UB which is developing a vibrant sports program as a viable pipeline of talented athletes who can represent The Bahamas nationally and internationally. UB teams are becoming more competitive under the leadership of coaches with a record of excellence.

“Mingoes is about our student-athletes and it’s about giving them the opportunity to use their talents to spread the message of academics through University of The Bahamas. The Mingoes brand is about them, all of our alumni, friends, and stakeholders and we are very pleased that Bahamas Waste has partnered with the University and in particular the Athletics Department,” said Director of University Athletics Mrs Kimberley Rolle.

“Now we get to further spread the message of Mingoes and the brand to invite more and more people into the University of The Bahamas and our athletics platform as we continue to grow,” she added.

The Mingoes-branded truck will be assigned to communities along University Drive, Baillou Hill Road and Coconut Grove. We invite students and supporters to take pictures of the truck, post them and share them with#ThisIsMyUB