New Providence, Bahamas – Waste Management is not usually an industry associated with the female gender, however, the women at Bahamas Wastecontinue to prove their worth in a male-dominated field. As a growing company, Bahamas Waste Limited prides itself on attracting men and women with a strong work ethic and the ability to think on their feet, particularly in a fast-paced environment.

After joining the Bahamas Waste as an Administrative Assistant with responsibility for payroll and payables, Ernestine Lloyd’s fourteen-year career has seen her rise through the ranks to assume the post of Human Resources Manager.
“Life here at Bahamas Waste has been a very interesting experience for me” she explained, “I’ve seen the company grow from a small group to the large staff compliment we have now, so I have been here for the growing pains, but it has been worth it to see the company and our employees flourish in the way that we have”.

Nicola Gibson, another standout employee, was also recently promoted to the post of Manager of Equipment Maintenance after being with the company for two and half years. “I started out as the Assistant to the then Manager of Equipment Maintenance. Change is not always predictable, but it is inevitable in any work environment, and I stepped up into this role really quickly” she explained. “It’s been a very steep learning curve, but I truly value on the job lessons which have taught me that there is always room for change, growth, and improvement”.

After transitioning from the banking field, Erica Symonette joined Bahamas Waste as an Administrative Assistant and has been promoted to Assistant Manager of the Medical Waste division. She will be responsible for liaising with the company’s customers and supervising an all-male department – an admitted challenge but one she is prepared for.

“I came from the banking environment which is far more rigid, but I’ve found the environment to be a very supportive one,” she said. “It has not been without its challenges but being here for the past few years has shown me that the company is one which places emphasis on the training of its staff and is one that truly values the contributions of its employees at all levels.”

It is that feeling of family which the company’s management works to cultivate daily. Proud of all of his staff, General Manager, Francisco de Cardenas said: “We have been very fortunate to have found some great staff. These ladies have shown they are not afraid to work hard and we are pleased to promote them for their commitment to Bahamas Waste.”