New Providence, Bahamas – With countless social ills impacting the socio-economic conditions in our country, it has become even more imperative that responsible and responsive corporate citizens step up to partner with organizations geared at addressing the needs of the most vulnerable groups among us.
Since its inception, Bahamas Waste has done exactly that; partnering with countless charitable ventures targeting young people. From its work to raise awareness about children living with Autism to its long-standing partnership with the All Saints Camp, Bahamas Waste prides itself on creating the kind of partnerships that benefit the communities they serve.

Most recently, the company renewed its partnership with the Street Legends Organization which has, since 2006, worked alongside Bahamas Waste to bridge the gap and unite young people in inner-city communities. “The idea was for us really to erase the invisible border lines around these inner-city communities,” said Wilton Russell, Street Legends Program Organizer. “By removing turf stigmas between various communities, and allowing young people to cross over and join in our various activities, we take away the need for them to be looking over their shoulder for trouble – and just be normal kids” he explained.

Through sports and more specifically basketball, the group has been able to unite hundreds of youths from communities like Bain Town, Kemp Road, Englerston, Gambier Village and Adelaide Village. Getting them to work together and helping them build friendships through sports in a safe non-confrontational environment. As part of its 2017 list of activities, organizers launched the Constituency vs Constituency Basketball Tournament where more than 2,500 youths registered to participate.

“What impressed us about this program was that they focused on reaching young men in the inner city,” explained Bahamas Waste Operations Manager Ethelyn Davis. “With so many negative influences it was refreshing to see a program focused on helping these young men, helping them find common ground and working to bring out the best in themselves and each other through basketball.”

Bahamas Waste is a very proud sponsor of the ‘Killarney Waste Haulers’, our team has played a total of 8 games in this year’s tournament series and they’ve made an impressive showing as a first-time team in the Men’s division.”

With the season now concluded the Street Legends and Bahamas Waste have decided to continue to work with these players, and have turned their attention to the creation of a new conflict resolution and anger management program, for young men aged 12 to 25. “I hope that this ongoing and successful partnership between the Street and Waste will continue,” said Davis “We hope to impact the lives of these young men in our communities and by extension help our country too.”